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this is a fox news alert. i'm heather childers. i'm heather nauert. welcome to a saturday edition of "fox and friends first." he was captured after more than a 20-hour intense manhunt. the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody this morning and he is still alive in a boston hospital. a man found, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev hiding in a boat in the backyard of his gnome watertown, massachusetts, and he was covered in blood. you can see in this picture right here as he was taken away in the ambulance. >> police converged on the scene on franklin street. neighbors heard more than 30 shots less than two hours later, tsarnaev was rushed to beth
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israel hospital in serious condition. >> the citizens of the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> a short time later, watertown residents poured out of their homes and lined the streets to cheer police vehicles as they rolled away from the scene down at the boston common. chants of "usa" broke out. >> great to see that. people were certainly so relieved in boston. looking at this picture, he was covered in blood when they found him. he had been cowering in a boat in the backyard stored in someone's backyard and that's how suspect number two was found before being pulled in the ambulance and then transported to the hospital. well, this morning, he's being treated at beth israel hospital. it's coincidentally the same hospital where his brother had died and so many victims have been treated. >> they're still there. >> exactly. adam housley is there with the late hes.
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good morning, adam, are we hearing anything more about his condition or the extent of his injuries? >> reporter: we're still getting bits and pieces of information, but no update at this hour. we haven't heard anything really for a couple of hours here. we do know he's in the serious condition at the hospital with a number of gunshot wounds. one to his head or neck area, another one to his leg. we also know there are other injuries as well. more superficial. and that at least one of the gunshot wounds came from the initial shootout that killed his brother. of course, his brother was pronounced dead officially here at beth israel hospital. we can tell you that at this hour, there's still significant police presence all around this hospital. for that matter around this medical complex, which is a large campus in boston. every entrance and exit has a number of police officers posted. there were nine at one point in the entrance behind me. they're down to about four. it's not so much a worry that he's going to get away. to ensure everything here remains comfortable. that he's of course inside in
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protective custody. we know there are police officers on his floor, near his room and that authorities, of course, as soon as possible, as soon as the doctors allow it, will get in there and try to get some answers from the suspect as the investigation continues. not only here at this hospital but also across the city. you know, we heard from police officers early this evening about how they're tired and a lot of them get a chance to rest. but there's still a lot of them out here having to conduct this part of the investigation and also to ensure that this suspect is not harmed in any way. in order to continue the investigation. as i give it back to you, it's interesting, we heard from someone earlier this evening or early this morning, really, that was listening to the scanners after the suspect number two was takes en into custody and the ambulance was on the way to the hospital. over the scanners, you could hear the police officers talking to one another. many of them thanking the dispatchers also who, of course, were back working crazy hours as well as this unfolded over the course of this week.
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>> heather and heather. >> thank you so much. we'll check in with you in a bit this morning. it was a scary day for residents in the boston area to say the least, being put on lockdown for about 12 hours. police going door to door searching for suspect number two. >> fox's molly line was there from the beginning and she joins the suspect was ultimately discovered to be hiding. what really helped to bring this man into custody was once that shelter in place ban was lifted.
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a homeowner strolled in his backyard. he peeked inside his boat and immediately called it in that he saw the suspect. it didn't take long to bring him into custody. there was a gun battle, ultimately, explosives were release -- light inducing explosives. it meant oftentimes to cause confusion were supposedly used at the scene by authorities to help bring this man to justice or to bring him into custody rather. tamerlan and dzhokhar led them on a chase from cambridge after shooting an m.i.t. police officer. the chase led into watertown. 200 rounds were allegedly exchanged in the course of that police exchange, as well as homemade bombs thrown out of the window. that, of course, ultimately led to the death of tamerlan who was 26 years old. the older brother. dzhokhar, escaping into the night and ultimately, he was
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brought into custody about 26 hours after the pictures were shown to everyone all across the globe. of course, this will continue for much time to come as authorities are looking for answers as to whether or not dzhokhar and tamerlan allegedly acted alone or whether they had help in these bombings. back to you. >> molly line, reporting live for us. thank you, molly. >> that is the key question. did they have help and how will we find out if they did? more on that. the stepson of the man whose boat dzhokhar tsarnaev hid in was speaking out about the chaotic situation and listen to this. >> well, speaking on behalf of the family, the most important thing is there was a period of time that we, the family, didn't know exactly what was transpiring. there was just like you had pointed out, so much information coming in. we actually were notified by a friend that there was a franklin
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street home on the television. of course, i spun 180 degrees to the television to see literally my mother and my stepfather's home there with the boat that this suspect was found in. immediate horror just swept through me. i broke down crying because we tried to call, the phone was busy for almost 30 straight minutes. we tried cell phones, neither one of david or my mother were picking the phone up. my sister was static and we were -- it was absolute horror because we were seeing the bullets, gunfire erupts on franklin street as everything is unfurling. finally, as i left my home to go to my father's house to see if i could find why no one was picking cell phones up or why we couldn't figure out where
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anybody was, my sister notified me that my mother had contacted her and she and david were both safe, they had been evacuated after, you know, david had come across the suspect in the boat and apparently what had -- the actual what happened was, as soon as the ban on going outside, staying in the home was lifted, they kind of went out, my mother's health is ailing. that's why i'm kind of speaking on behalf of the family to respect their privacy. they went out into the backyard for some fresh air on a beautiful boston day finally after a long winter. david walked around. the wind had picked up. the tarp on the boat, as you've described, had kind of lifted, which he found strange. he went over to the boat for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut. not torn or worn through. it had been deliberately cut. he then was kind of stranged out
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by the whole thing. noticed a small amount of like blood in this area. and then he took his little stepladder that he uses to enter and exit the boat. he went under the tarp, saw a small pool of blood immediately there. looked forward and, because the tarp obscured a lot of sunlight, it was gray and cloudy for a bit here, he saw what he believed at the time to be a crumpled body, bloodied in the front of the boat. immediately panicked, he dropped off the ladder, called 9-1-1. with all of the s.w.a.t. and physical police presence right there in that neighborhood and street, they descended on him. they immediately evacuated them. that's why their cell phones were left behind. whether or not they had -- the phone line had been cut or whatever, we don't know that. their phone line was busy. that's why we weren't able to find them for almost a 40-minute
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period. >> so frightening for that family. you heard shepard smith later in the evening ask the question, why wasn't the suspect read miles an horanda rights? >> are the feds pushing for a military tribunal instead? we'll take a look at options up next. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax
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how much is too much water? too little? until we got miracle-gro moisture control. idoes what bac soils don't by absorbg more water, so it's there when plants need it. with the right soil, everyone grows with racle-gro. there was no miranda warning given. that they were claiming a public safety exception. could we get an explanation for that. >> there is a public safety exemption in cases of national security and charges involving acts of terrorism and so the government has that opportunity right now, though i believe that the suspect has been taken to a hospital. >> you heard it right there. no miranda rights were read to the suspect here last night. a justice department official says the bombing suspect won't be read the miranda rights because of a public saflt
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exception. so what is the next judicial step? let's ask the executive director of the american center for law and justice. good morning. i think a lot of folks are not familiar with this public safety exemption. why invoke that at this time? >> usually it's rare, it would be an instance where there is a gun or some kind of in this situation, unexploded bombs. it's important for people to understand, this is not the most extreme move. what you get from this is very limited interrogation and on top of that, it has to be directed questions. what does that mean? the questions can only go to minimizing and eliminating the immediate emergency. because that's why you've invoked this exception to the miranda warning which is required by supreme court precedent. but they did carve this out. >> the u.s. government is concerned about any potential new attacks so they want to limit their questions to asking
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about that, and they won't be able to ask those questions until he actually comes out of surgery and is aware of his surroundings. >> that's right. >> and mentally competent, right? >> the questions you would ask, right, you do have to be competent. trust this information. though he does not give a waiver here. they can ask if you have more explosives here or anywhere else in the country. who are you working with, how did you get funding? that's basically it. i mean, you could get to the point of who was behind this, is it a bigger effort by finding the immediacy, but you cannot ask him about his entire terror career and take that into court. >> okay. >> it's not a full exception from the basic miranda warnings. >> all of these questions can be asked without a lawyer present on his behalf, is that correct? >> that's correct. no lawyer. and no warnings. again, this could be used in court as well. >> wow. >> if it stays narrow and it
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stays direct to minimizing the emergency. really it's focusing on other cell members and bombs that haven't exploded. >> they have a fine line that they have to walk then. >> it is. >> the feds in handling that. eventually, he'll have to be given, read his miranda rights and given the privilege of having an attorney, correct? >> there is another option on the table. one that we actually have discussed before the arrest was made. if there was a suspect captured alive. that option is the president of the united states, based on the supreme court, can label someone, even a u.s. citizen, an unlawful, that's a key word, enemy combatant and turn him over to the military. >> do you think he would head to gitmo? >> not necessarily. you could put him in a military prison in the united states. then you'd have no lawyer, no miranda and you could interrogate him about all of the past activities, his due process rights would change. i think, because it's -- we have an ongoing conflict, a global war on terror if you will, that
2:17 am
this would be is someone that you could apply this to if, maybe based on the initial questions on the immediate threat, you realize he is part of something bigger and we can't just stop and prosecute him. people want this guy to trial, but if he knows information, that's more important. >> that is the key question. is this something bigger? is there somebody directing him overseas or elsewhere. jordan, thank you so much. interesting perspective. they're going -- >> they're not happy with the miranda decision. >> what we rarely hear about the terrorists whose native country is chechnya. what do their origins tell us about their intentions and do they tell us anything at all? we'll talk with the head of cia's bin laden unit, the former head of that. he weighs in. that's coming up next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them. but they did. they framed them. and then they were so cowardly that they shot the boy dead. that was the suspect's father claiming that his sons are being framed. but we now learned that an unknown foreign government actually asked the u.s. to investigate the deceased brother tamerlan tsarnaev and in the 2011 year, the fbi did that, they interviewed him. peter doocy is following this part of the story for us and joins us live from washington with more. peter? >> reporter: heather, they're. the fbi got a request from a foreign government at the beginning of 2011 to track down tamerlan tsarnaev because this foreign government suspected he might have extremist ties. so the fbi took advantage of massive u.s. databases to look for evidence in phone logs,
2:22 am
internet records. they searched for known associates, even interviewed tamerlan and some family members of his, although we aren't sure which ones. after all that, they found no evidence of terrorist activity, either here or abroad. so they let him go and closed the case and now experts are explaining how he might have been able to fly below the radar and avoid suspicion for so long. >> but now what you're seeing is people with american citizenship or american student visas and they're able to move freely in the united states. they may or may not have training. but they're so -- it's so easy to do this. you can do it literally from the stuff in your mom's kitchen. >> tamerlan used his kyrgyzstan passport to travel to russia last year to visit his father. we're told he stayed there a few months and returned to boston this past july and a few weeks after touching back down in boston, he set up a you-tube page on august 17th that he used to post and promote radical
2:23 am
jihadi videos. all that electronic media, we're told, is being carefully reviewed right now by investigators to try to figure out who his friend were, what the motive might have been and to see if there was any kind of warning in advance of monday's attacks. heather? >> peter doocy reporting live for us. thank you. we rarely hear about terrorists whose native country is chechnya. what do we know about their origins? here to talk more about the boston bomb suspects and where they came from, we're joined by michael scheuer, he's the former head of the cia's bin laden unit. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. where is chechnya in the world? >> it's in the north caucuses in the southern part of russia. there has been an ongoing war between the chechens and now there are six republics in the area. there's an islamist insurgency
2:24 am
against the government in all six republics. it's been going on since the early 1990s and it's evolved from a national list separatist issue in chechnya to a much morris lamb i can insurgency across the region. several years ago, the leader of the movement declared war on the united states. >> so you say in fact that it is a place part of the international jihad movement. was this on the radar for us and were there any red flags that you think should have been raised with these two brothers specifically and their family? >> i don't know about the two brothers specifically. but the north caucuses where chechnya is, has been a target of militant islam arab islam for a long time. al qaeda has sent people there. the saudis, the kuwaitis, sent missionaries there, established schools there. simply, it's become another cockpit, not like afghanistan
2:25 am
quite but not far away either. in addition -- >> i'm sorry. go a on. i was going to say, in addition, they're part of the internet world now, too. they've begun to share the animosities of the rest of the muslim world, arab and otherwise, in regard to our foreign policy in terms of what we're doing in the muslim world. so their motivation is becoming very similar to the motivation in other parts of the muslim world. >> that's something we really do need to take a closer look at because it really brings the world here. it brings chechnya here to the u.s. by looking at it through social media and the internet. thank you so much for joining us michael scheuer. >> thank you. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up, we'll return to boston where the younger suspect is in the hospital. investigators are waiting to talk with him. plus, the lockdown is over in boston. but our terrorism analyst says that the brothers did not work alone.
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this is the pursuit of perfection. welcome back. this is a fox news alert. i'm heather childers. >> i'm heather nauert. last night it came to an end. the boston bombing suspect number two is now in custody. he's in the hospital this morning after his brother was killed in a shootout with police. >> here's a look at how all of this unfolded.
2:30 am
>> this is a fox news alert. there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t. >> the building is surrounded by responding agencies. the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous. nothing to indicate that there is a connection between what happened here on boylston treat and what is going on, on the campus of m.i.t. but the chronology is all there. [ shots ] >> there's a big chase under way still in boston following a police shooting that happened on the campus of m.i.t. an officer was shot and killed there. there were two suspects on the run earlier. we're hearing that one is in
2:31 am
custody and there is still one that police are trying to find. >> these guys apparently are under the radar of traffic, hand grenades, dynamite, improvised explosive devices. is the back end of the perimeter of a crime scene that goes at least four blocks down there. we know that they are looking for a suspect. they know that they will explosives. they know that they will fire. as we heard mark fuhrman a police officer himself before, whether this is a larger scene, whether it was the m.i.t. scene or just a robbery, these guys are playing for keeps and they're not afraid to shoot. >> we're trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. >> boston police say that one suspect is dead, another suspect is on the run and not accounted
2:32 am
for. that second suspect would be the person described as suspect number two, wearing the white hat in the images the fbi put out, as you see screen right. >> at large now, according to state police is the individual identified as suspect number two. had the white cap on when the fbi released the video. released the images. now they've just released the most recent image of him with that gray hoodie on. >> suspect number one, age 26, with roots out of chechnya and russia, is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old brother, is still at the moment on the loose and there is a massive manhunt throughout the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. >> we are progressing through this neighborhood, going door to door, street to street. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. >> we do not have an
2:33 am
apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. >> right now, here in downtown boston, there are police and s.w.a.t. vehicles, as you can see, streaming in that direction. i see two men in the front of that and they are flying past. >> shots fired and a suspect is down. again, this is according to a state police source. a suspect is down. >> suspect number two, if you are just turning on right now, suspect number two has been arrested after a long negotiation and a standoff outside franklin street in watertown. >> and, of course, one of the most gripping images from the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev is this picture of him in an ambulance. you can see he's covered in blood. >> this morning he's being treated at beth israel hospital in boston. adam housley is there with the latest. good morning, adam. what do we know about his condition? anything yet? >> reporter: no heather. we haven't been given much.
2:34 am
he had a number of injuries, two gunshot wound at least. one that happened from the initial battle where his brother was killed. we expect to hear more at beth israel hospital in boston. a number of interesting things overnight. this is the hospital where his brother was brought after the initial gun battle. his brother was pronounced dead here. a number of other people injured from that blast, from both blasts on monday at the marathon were brought here and are still recovering, as is he inside under heavy guard. every entrance and exit from this hospital, it's a large complex here at beth israel. there are a number of buildings, every single entrance and exit has a police presence, way more than you would ever see. behind me, there are still five police officers standing guard here and you can see them walking inside. we know the floor where the suspect number two is being treated also has police officers there. he'll be under heavy guard as long as he's here. of course, investigators are waiting for that moment when doctors say it's okay for them
2:35 am
to hopefully go in and get some information from the suspect. we're told that while he's in serious condition, he's expected to make it. he did lose some blood, of course, as the accounts given to us from the shootout and of course when he was found in the boat with a pool of blood which suggests that he was already injured before that second shootout that happened last night before he was taken into custody. heather and heather. >> adam housley in boston. we'll check in with you in a little bit. the terrorism is finally over in the boston area. residents no longer trapped in their homes, thankfully. they were on lockdown for about 12 hours in the watertown area and another suburbs as well. police going door to door, as you can see right there, searching for suspect number two, dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> fox's molly line was there from the very beginning. she joins us live with the latest. molly? >> reporter: hi, heather and heather. there was a sense of relief when this came to an end. the people out on the streets
2:36 am
applauding the first responders and all of the law enforcement and law enforcement agencies that were here on the streets in in community keeping the community safe and conducting those door-to-door, car-to-car searches along the streets. over 30,000 residents. many pouring out in the dark hours of night showing their appreciation. things happened rapidly. wun once that shelter in your home order was lifted, one man saw the cover on his boat was cut or changed in some way. saw a little bit of blood. took a peek, looked in and actually spotted this individual. dzhokhar tsarnaev. suspect number two underneath that cover. of course, called that in. then things happened very rapidly. of course, there was a massive response of law enforcement. a gun battle between the suspect and law enforcement ensued. ultimately, they were able to bring him into custody and into capture whereas you mentioned earlier, he's at the hospital. before that occurred an m.i.t.
2:37 am
officer was shot down and a police chasten sued in which the two suspects according to the attorney's office had been carjacking an individual, led police on this chase that included over 200 rounds exchanged and multiple improvised explosive devices, the small homemade bombs thrown out of the vehicle that the suspects were allegedly fleeing in when they came here to watertown. that, of course, resulted in the death of suspect number two, tamerlan, the older brother and the escape of dzhokhar and all of the chaos that ensued after that. that ultimately came to a close. more than 24 hours after those pictures were actually distributed by the fbi. heather and heather? >> molly line, thank you so much. for all your hard work this week. >> thanks. >> now to our big story today. the death toll continues to rise as a result of that huge blast at a fertilizer plant in texas. 14 bodies have now been recovered from the wreckage of this week's explosion that
2:38 am
leveled everything actually in a four-block radius of west, texas. many of the bodies being identified as first responders. the president made sure not to forget the people in texas despite the terrorist hnt. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with the people of west, texas, where so many good people lost their lives. i've pledged that the people of west will have the resources that they need to recover and rebuild. >> a vigil was held last night in the town of west in texas to pray for and remember the victims of wednesday's disaster. 60 people still unaccounted for there. >> imagine that, 60 people. goodness, hope everybody is okay. >> well, 20 minutes before the hour. coming up next, we're just hours away from another marathon. it is one of the world's largest in one of the world's largest cities. ainsley earhardt joins us live from london with details on how police are stepping up security ahead of tomorrow's race. with the second suspect now in custody, police claim that
2:39 am
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and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. seconds after those bombs went off, we saw civilians running to help the victims right alongside members of the boston police department and boston ems. in the hours that followed, police and medical personnel from across the region have sent dozens, maybe even hundreds much volunteers to help us here in boston. that's what americans do in times of crisis. we come together and we help one another. moments like these, terrible as they are, don't show our weakness, they show our strength. >> americans come together in a crisis. that's just one description of the scene seconds after the bombs went off at the finish line of the boston marathon on
2:43 am
monday. with the london marathon just hours away, security has been stepped up. "fox and friends first" co-host ainsley earhardt joins us live from london. officials had to be looking at what happened here this week in the united states and saying, we cannot let that happen here in london. what steps are they taking to make sure that their runners and everyone participating in the marathon there stay safe? >> heather, i called scotland yard yesterday and talked to the spokesperson. he said they're definitely stepping up security here by the hundreds. more patrols on the streets, stepping it up. increasing it by 40% compared to last year. they're bringing in the dogs, the bomb sniffing dogs as well to search the crowd. the commissioner is saying, listen, be safe, look around, make sure you're vigilant but don't let what happened in boston affect what's happening here in london. they're saying that these two
2:44 am
are not connected and the chief superintendent for scotland yard, for the metropolitan police, her name is julia pinnedry, she had this to say. >> i think most importantly the first thing i must stress is that there's been no link to the boston marathon and london marath marathon. i've increased my policing operation, people hopefully feel reassured and safe. >> have you had any input from authorities in boston? >> my colleagues here at new scotland yard speaking to them continually and any intelligence is being taken into consideration with my planning. we've reviewed our plans and reviewed our contingencies. however, at this time there's no change of threat level to london. >> they plan to address what happened in boston or have any sort of ceremony for the boston marathon? >> yes, they are, heather. everyone here on the streets of
2:45 am
london is talking about what happened in boston. every restaurant i've been to, people are talking about it. as far as the runners are concerned, they gave the runners black ribbons. when they signed up and they're asking them to wear those during the race. they're asking them to put their hands over their heart. one lady who is running in the marathon started a twitter campaign asking people to put their hand over their heart as they cross the finish line in honor of the boston victims. also at the start of the race, there will be a 30-second moment of silence to honor those victims. and virgin who is sponsoring the race, is donating two pounds her runner, 3 u.s. dollars per runner. there are more than 30,000 runners in this race. large he's marathon in the world. all that money goes to one fund boston. it's an organization, a foundation that's been set up to give money to the victims of the boston marathon. >> all right. ainsley earhardt joining us live from london this morning. thank you. the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. still ahead, with the second
2:46 am
suspect now in custody, police claim that the people of boston can sleep safe. one of our next guests fears that these guys were not working alone. ç@2x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@ [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned...
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welcome back. we have now learned that an unknown foreign government asked the u.s. to investigate the deceased brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, and in 2011, the fbi did interview him. peter doocy following this part of the story for us live from washington this morning. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, heather. that's right. at some point roughly two years ago, a foreign government reached out to the fbi and asked them to look into tamerlan tsarnaev because they believed he might have extremist ties.
2:50 am
so the fbi looked at all kinds much databases for phone and internet records, known associates, travel history, travel plans, as well as his education background, agents then interviewed tamerlan and some members of his family, although we don't know which ones just yet. after reviewing all the facts of the case, they didn't see any connection to terrorism, either here or abroad. they cleared him and stopped looking. although they did tell this foreign government, this unnamed foreign government to follow-up again if they heard anything new or saw new red flags. that foreign government never did follow-up and now here we are with experts speculating about how this now deceased 26-year-old may have been able to plot his deadly attack undetected for so long. >> these are hard people to find. they're hard people to detect and no matter what age we live in, whether social media or we have all kind of public help, these people often to stay themselves and unfortunately, we
2:51 am
don't hear about them until the day they do something terrible like this. >> at this point, authorities have not revealed what a motive might be. they're still combing through physical and electronic evidence. including the you-tube channel tamerlan set up weeks after returning from a month's long trip to russia this past year that he used to post and promote radical jihady videos. heather? >> thank you, peter doocy reporting live for us this morning. thanks. with that second suspect now in custody, police claim that the people of boston can now sleep safely. my next guest fears there's a chance that these two men were not working alone. joining me on the phone is walid fair is. >> good morning to you. >> thank you. tell me why you think they weren't working alone and why you think they had direction perhaps from overseas. >> caller: heather, they work together, to show them how they work as a team. when a team operates as a unit and we saw what they've done in
2:52 am
terms of making those bombs, in terms of engaging and firefighting with the law enforcement personnel, then you go to two conclusions. number one, who trained them. they did not invent that training. those who trained them basically are training others. number two -- >> walid, what makes you think that they were trained or directed by someone overseas? >> caller: we don't know if it's overseas. they were trained by someone else. that someone else could be overseas. they could be here. we had cases in 2002, areas of the united states where training was taking place here. or in other cases where training was taking place in afghanistan and the former soviet union or the middle east. >> one thing i'm wondering where the money came from. the older drove a mercedes. by all accounts, led a pretty good life. do you think they were getting money from someone? >> caller: it is possible they were getting ald, support for their activity. also possible in their social
2:53 am
network, they were getting money from other sources, not necessarily for political reasons. >> walid, what about this angle, the islamic movement in the northern caucus where chechnya is, had declared some sort of war on america two years ago, not something we talked about a lot. didn't the taliban do this too prior to 9/11. i'm wondering if there's a bigger fish it fry, something we need to look at with regards to chechnya? >> caller: that's actually the connection. you were just mentioning that the foreign government has asked about one of the two brothers. precisely when did they ask about it? few years ago. time it to when the caucuses declared war. why did they declare war against america? because they joined al qaeda. you connect the dots. >> real big issue. i wonder if we'll get help from russia. they've gone to war against one another, chechnya and russia. do you think we'll get help from
2:54 am
russia? >> caller: remember there was a phone call between the ept and president putin. i think the russians and the government although they don't see eye to eye on certain things, iran. although the jihadist caucuses, they do. >> there's been no claim of responsibility. often we get that claim. do you think this is the future of terrorism, perhaps people don't want a drone raining down on them, if they're directed from folks overseas, do you think that's the future, where we don't get claims of responsibility? >> caller: i think we may get a recognition of this operation, a statement in the future. remember, when there was an attack against benghazi, zawahiri waited a month and a half before he claimed it. wait and see. still possible. >> walid, thanks so much for getting up early for us this morning. we can't forget the victims of the acts of terror.
2:55 am
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[ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands? . >> before we leave you this morning, we want to remember the victims in boston with one of the suspects in custody, there is justice on the way. that is little comfort to the victims and families affected by these senseless acts of terror. >> thank you for watching a special edition of "fox & friends first" . "fox & friends" starts with a look atrail of devastation that was left behind.
2:59 am

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